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Match with an Intended Parent (IP) Independently

The Secret Society Documentary

You don’t ‘need’ an egg donation agency to donate your eggs. You can choose to find someone independently. There is a robust ‘secretive’ or private online infertility and egg donation community. There are a handful of secret facebook groups on the topic of infertility and/or egg donation – this can be one of the easiest ways to learn and meet like-minded people, or people searching for an egg donor. Facebook groups offer a private space for women, men, or couples to talk about a very intimidate topic of wanting to build a family through alternative means. If you end up starting a conversation and ‘clicking’ with an Intended Parent who may be interested in using you as an egg donor, just be reminded that you do not have an agency there to help you along the way. So make sure to do your own research which could include talking to past egg donors, doctors, counsellors, and a lawyer.  Also be very informed on the importance of knowing what your relationship with the child or the Intended Parents will be in the future. Research shows that it is more healthy for the donor conceived child to know where they came from and to have access to that information/the donor. If a relationship is important to you, then speak to the Intended Parents and also your lawyer.

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