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Rebecca Campbell egg donor

The Secret Society stems from a personal experience of having donated my eggs to a close friend. I had watched my friend go through several heartbreaking miscarriages, and with a chance encounter, I ran into her and her husband at a coffee shop while they were mid-conversation about how hard it is to find an egg donor in Canada. It was that day that I decided to help them bring another human into this world by donating my eggs.

I didn’t realize what a complex world I was entering: a world of secrecy, criminalization, and ethical concern. And I learned just how hard it is to physically give your eggs. 

With a packed waiting room at the fertility clinic at every appointment, I also discovered that more people than I had realized were going through this. Each of these women had a story - with my experience as an egg donor and my access into this world, I had to be the one to tell it. 

It was important to me not just to tell the stories of the women using egg donors, but to tell the stories of the egg donors as well. 


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