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How to Find an Egg Donor

The Secret Society Documentary

Learn some of the places and resources out thereto be an egg donor, especially in Canada, fromthe filmmakers behind the upcoming filmThe Secret Society.

How do intended parents (IPs) find an egg donor?

Egg donation agencies match egg donors to suitable Intended Parents (IPs). Do your research and hear feedback from other donors before choosing the agency that is right for you. Once you’ve decided which egg donation agency to sign up with, they will have a consultation with you. They will ask you some basic questions about yourself like habits and personality, as well as some more intimate details like medical history. If you pass their screening process, you will provide them with pictures and more details, and they will add you to their roster or online database – or they might already have an Intended Parent in mind for you. The good thing about using an egg donor agency, is that they will be able to inform you of the process from start to finish, and help answer any questions you may have.

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Ask Someone You Know

It is tempting to turn to someone close to home for egg donation. Family or friends can also play an ongoing role in the child’s life (which may or may not be desired). Your donor would have to pass screening tests and should have a complete understanding of what is required physically, psychologically,and emotionally. 

Post to Social Media
(Private Facebook Groups are Best)

There are quite a few Facebook groups and other places online people can go to connect with potential egg donors. This can obviously be risky in terms of potential scams and other issues. Keep in mind, in Canada it is illegal to pay for egg donation beyond any out-of-pocket expenses associated with the donation, so there must be absolutely no mention of payment or compensation in the post. Use extreme caution in general when exploring this as an option to find a donor egg and do your due diligence.

Use an Egg Donor Agency

safer way to find a third-party donor is to use an egg donor agency. You can legally pay an organization like this to help. They typically have their own database of potential donors. They will also likely have well established screening processes and protocols to further instill confidence.

Look to the United States for donor egg banks or internationally for fertility tourism

Fertility laws in the US are governed at a state, not federal, level. However, it is a much more commercial marketplace and there are many different (and more expensive) options available. There are no egg banks in Canada, but in the US, you can purchase frozen donor eggs from a business such as this and import the eggs into a Canadian IVF clinic. Some people opt to travel to places like Prague, Spain or Greece for fertility tourism – the prices in these countries are often cheaper than in Canada and many like to get a (fertility) ‘vacation’ at the same time. Use caution and do your research.

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